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Distance education eradicates the Blackboard and classroom sessions. Instead, it permits graduation or post graduation online for example at this point distance education M.Com. Students have the ease to study at their pace, time and convenience without any compromises and thereby balancing both work and professional life.

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Every year the number of students opting for distance education is rising. It becomes essential and vital for the institutes which are UGC Approved Distance Education University that it becomes more focused on providing quality teaching and help students to gain the maximum.

Distance Education is a post graduate degree pursued after There is no compromise in the quality of teaching in distance education format when compared to the regular college. The level of is a step ahead of – it focuses on business analytical skills. Most of the corporates are eager for degree holders as they possess excellent managerial  & accounting skills without much time spent on training. At the date of pursuing the degree students get a lot of opportunities through internships and corporate projects thereby making them a skilled resource.


A candidate must have pursued bachelor’s in commerce or any equivalent degree.

  • Aggregate of 50% marks
  • Aggregate of 45% marks –  OBC /SC / ST


The term of the entire course is two years, however, if the candidate is unable to complete then can complete in the maximum of 4 after the admission. distance education includes the below-mentioned subjects.

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Finance

Advantages of opting for MA Distance Education from Karnataka

  • You can pursue the certification at your doorstep without any relocation
  • Extensive exposure in accounting & business management fields
  • correspondence course lets you balance studies despite having busy professional life
  • Excellent support for the entire curriculum

By opting to study from a well-recognized distance education university allows the students to open the doors of success in professional life. It focuses on overall development of a student and helps them to lead a balanced life.

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An Introduction to Distance Education in M.Com in Karnataka is mainly in the interest of the students who otherwise would have lost the admittance to higher education. Education acts as the basis for the economy to develop a part of the country as it provides well-trained labor who understand the essential nuances of the particular field. It is critical that we provide ample opportunities for the growth and development of our students which will, in turn, be an advantage for the society.

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The presence of distance education acts as an external degree course in any university. The students get the maximum advantage as it permits them to get a degree at their doorstep and with ease. Students can balance their personal and professional life and avoid morning/evening classes which will prevent the hectic schedule. Correspondence courses give students the ability to mold theirs inter-personal and overall skills for the development through education. Innovative Institute of Distance Education (IIDE) has its very clear counseling & admission process which makes the students stand apart. Education is, or degree is a base which either makes or breaks one’s career so every step taken should be towards the success ladder through careful planning.

Distance education in gives the students maximum benefit to explore the best opportunities. Students who have pursued that is Bachelors in Commerce can now opt for Masters in commerce through distance education and continue spending their time in building their career and thereby balancing their personal and professional interests.

Our institute is recognized and approved by UGC for M Com distance Program. The entire curriculum is flexible and designed keeping in mind the industry standards. The UGC Distance Education randomly does a quick check about the application and industry standards before giving approval to any of the institutes for Distance Education. in the distance Education enables studying at ease and the pace of the students and has developed academic module keeping in mind the overall growth of the students both personally and intellectually. The main criteria and motto of this course are overall development giving necessary managerial and professional skills to handle the entire business operations. We provide support and guidance to the students for their career at each and every step.

Advantages of Distance Education

  • Modules designed keeping in mind the academic and nonacademic events.
  • Self-tutorials and useful study materials.
  • Student-centric approach.
  • Regular interaction with faculty and mentorship programs.
  • Better career opportunities both India and abroad.


  • Candidate must have passed


  • Examinations are held every year for each of the courses.
  • If the admission processed in June – August then the students appear for the examination in the month of March/ April of the following year.


  • Modules and courses designed are monitored, and effectiveness evaluated.
  • Mentorship program.
  • Self-tutorials.
  • Continuous support for students before appearing for the examinations

Despite many opportunities, distance education highly recommended for students who have pursued their Bachelors in It is one of the courses where the demand is increasing day by day all over the country. This course is ranked as one of the useful Courses by the distance education university due to the immense opportunities for students, and it opens a wider door of student’s career.

Innovative Institute of Distance Education also extends placement benefits for the students who have pursued their correspondence course through distance learning. They also extend internships and seminars with the corporate that gives a better picture of the Corporate world.

Gitam University is one the leading universities for distance education, and we provide admission and support through this university. University provides ample opportunities and works towards the overall development of the students. Distance education not just confined to a degree or certificate for better career opportunities, but this course should be chosen merely out of self-interest and individual choice of the course. Various institutes provide various correspondence courses keeping in mind the different aspects and curriculum through academic and nonacademic event are covered; it is highly recommended and advised that students opt to choose only those universities which are UGC approved distance education universities.

The fee structure of distance education is much lesser when compared to the regular course fee. Students not only have the convenience to study at their pace but also tend to study at a very affordable price but with maximum career opportunities.

So when is your step towards the admission of distance education in 2017?

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