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If you are in a dilemma thinking about the next step to be taken after obtaining your bachelor’s degree and you jubilant with your new job then Distance Education – MBA is the answer to it.

Learning at your convenience away from college was never so easy. Distance education MBA courses help students to pursue a higher degree at their ease and pace. Education through distance learning is just a finger tip away. MBA – Distance learning adds value to any student’s resume and builds up the ladder of his/her career.

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Innovative Institute of Distance Education offers distance education program for MBA. It was established in 2008 and is a leading pioneer for Distance Education Program in Bangalore, Karnataka. Institute offers courses like MBA, BBA, B.COM, BA, MA, MCOM, etc. approved by the government of Karnataka.

The phrase “Distance Education” can as well called as a “correspondence education.” All the courses are designed online and give the flexibility and ease to study as time permits. The broad access to Internet and technology has taken methodologies of teaching to a new level.

Commitments are always a part of one’s life, especially being an adult with responsibilities it becomes difficult to handle both personal and professional commitments. To build the pathway to “THE CAREER” of every student correspondence, MBA acts as a tool to bridge this gap irrespective of the duties.

MBA – Distance education adds the same value and recognition to the certificates of every student and does not act any hindrance for placements. It saves a lot of time and cost of the fee for the students. If you are still confused about the potential and scope for Distance – MBA due to lack of adequate knowledge then just connect with our educational counselors and know more about your career plans.

Innovative Institute of Distance Education with their in-house career counselors spends a lot of time understanding the personal and professional interest and as per their choices. During the initial counseling process, we spend time with students to take the step together and work towards their bright future.

We are one of the top distance education institutes offering various courses out of which MBA is one of the well known and recognized course. We provide support in the admission process for Distance MBA at a nominal fee.

Distance MBA is not the only option as there is a lot of scope and other doors of opportunities, but by connecting with us, you will know why Distance MBA is the best choice for your life. We have expertise knowledge and our years of experience acts as an added value before and after the process of enrollment.

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MBA distance learning is the best course for students who wish to opt to balance their personal and professional life. The scope of knowledge and understanding is not different from the regular MBA Courses. Parents and students have a myth that distance education may not act as a step higher in their career instead it is one of the best options.
Distance learning courses give the benefit to students to study at their convenience, and they would receive continuous support from the faculty of Innovative Institute of distance education. We provide personal attention to all the students via various placement and mentor-ship programs.

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The curriculum designed is not restricted to study materials instead we focus on overall development and follow the student-centric approach thereby nurturing every child. This course helps the student’s placements in public and the private sector in varying industries like IT, Non-IT, Software, Banking and Telecom for sales and marketing and various other disciplines.

Since our inception, we have been striving hard to improve the Quality standards of distance education. Year after year we have been reaching the milestones in Correspondence MBA.

Our Distance Learning courses provide:-

  • Focus on student learning and understanding.
  • The student develops his managerial skills thereby being a value added resource before and after placement.
  • Improve the Analytical abilities
  • Not restricted to books but beyond it.

Eligibility & Process

Students are eligible to apply on completing their graduation


  • To complete MBA Students need to study for a minimum of 2 years that will complete in four semesters.

Fee Structure

  • The cost of the entire course is much lesser than the regular MBA course.

Academics and Learning

  • Faculty includes a team of experts who does constant monitoring and enhancement of teaching methodologies and continues to stay focused on improving the quality of monitoring and providing continuous feedback for the growth of students. The curriculum and the entire course designed in such a way that in turn makes the students sharp, brilliant and gives more exposure to face the competitions of the corporate and meet the standards of the industry.
  • Builds the confidence and inner strength of the students thus making them more confident.

Every year the number of students applying for Distance Education MBA is increasing year by year as this gives the flexibility for students to study, the eligibility criteria and fee structure varies from the regular course. Students need to complete the individual counseling before applying for the correspondence courses; we have a dedicated team of counselors who spends a lot of time and gives attention to understand the aims and goals of their career which help them to provide proper guidance and career support especially for Distance Education MBA.

MBA Distance education in India is well recognized and a highly appreciated course for the students as it gives them the best opportunities to learn and grow. Students opt for correspondence courses when they wish to monitor the art of learning and balancing both personal and professional commitments. Learn as you earn is the simple formula for MBA Distance Learning.

Correspondence courses give ample time for students to study and grasp the curriculum for Mba Distance education. They are eligible to apply for the next semester based on the performance of academic and nonacademic events in the previous semester.

Irrespective of the opportunities available students opt to study in Innovative Institute for distance education as they are well aware of the past student experience and the exposure received with the help of the Institute irrespective of it being a correspondence course.

The institute aims to be one of the best and pioneers for distance education in Bangalore, Karnataka. Quality in education provided talks more about the Institute and thereby helps in connecting with more number of students.
Education acts as a tool for the growth of our country. It is a gift to every student which will shape the future of our nation. Innovative Institute of Distance Education takes pride in performing our services and duties for the uplifting men of our economy.

So what are you waiting for?

Looking forward to hearing from you, join us and know more about admissions in MBA Distance Learning.

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