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Be it Arts or Science or Commerce if you want to opt for distance education then we have a solution to it. Why compromise when you have a solution to balance professional and personal life and growth. Students whose interest lies in teaching field will be willing to pursue a degree in Arts with the help of BA correspondence course.

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Distance learning courses are the mode of delivering education and upgrading qualification to students who are not or can’t be present in the college campus due to various restrictions posed by involvement in an active job. Studies and research have proven that quality of distance education is more efficient and effective.

BA Correspondence course is a choice of education which is provided by various institutions and person from any age group can enroll and upgrade their qualification for better job opportunity. The flexibility in learning with the work has helped distance learning gain more popularity in the last decade especially in metropolitan cities.

BA distance education is an undergraduate course and has originated from the word “Baccalrium  atrium.”  Distance learning course should be approved and certified from UGC distance education and should be recognized by Distance Education Bureau in Karnataka.

Bachelor of Arts is called as BA as well. The primary subjects are Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, English which may have more additional subjects in different institutes. A distance learning course is the best solution when students do not have adequate and enough time to study and earn. Distance education universities give the students more privilege and opportunities to grow to ensure that this course does not make them feel anyway different from the regular course.

Students passing class XII OR equivalent qualification recognized by central / state Board / Universities or institutions will be eligible to pursue BA Distance Education saves a Lot of time and money for students. Arts as a degree does not restrict the roles of employment instead it brings in more and better opportunities in any field as after opting BA Correspondence.

Students get a lot of personal attention time and focus on individual learning by the team of faculty. The course and modules remain the same despite being a distance learning course. By opting for a distant learning course students get more time for other opportunities – be it academic or non-academic growth.

By opting BA distance education students become eligible for a basic degree or for opting higher education or better jobs which act as a label of security.

Distance does not act as a hindrance to learn and grow in fact it gives more time and helps individuals to continue earning without compromising on their academics.

So when are you opting for BA Correspondence admission 2017?

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E – Learning, Online Learning, distance learning or correspondence education/learning are synonymous often used interchangeably. The presence of online learning avoids the burden of attending regular classes and dropping out of a job, and it let the students study at ease without any fear of the number of pages. Every course or every degree at any point in time is possible to pursue due to the presence of Online or distance education. Time and place are no more the constraints to continue a degree or any other higher studies. The advancement of technology has made everything available at our fingertips.

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There are specialized and various universities and colleges that offer BA Distance Education. A lot of students deal with many challenges and hurdles to attend college on a regular basis and balance their professional life, in such cases distance education courses is the solution to it.

Distance education does not have any hindrance to the age limit, and ease of flexibility has created more needs, wants and people to opt for distant courses for higher studies. From time to time distance correspondence courses change their curriculum for the growth and scope of students.

Distance learning courses are designed in such a way that will enable all the students to pursue BA degree at their own time, pace and flexibility to study. Students are always supported by the faculty who are well trained and have the expertise knowledge in their subjects which makes it easier to mentor our students.


Distance Education Council was the regulating body to take decisions for Distance Education programs, but it is undertaken by UGC now i.e. University Grants Commission. So UGC frames the rules and gives approval for the Universities for Distance Education. Students who pursue higher studies opt for correspondence courses from UGC approved distance education universities in India

BA Distance Education University focuses not only on certifying the students with certificates for their academics instead also gives a lot of attention to be well equipped with the advancement of the outside world in the corporate and thereby meeting the industry standards.

We also provide support in Distance education through Gitam University – recognized by Directorate of distance education.


Aim of BA Distance Education

  • It diversifies the scope of learning various subjects including BA – English, economics, and history, sociology, psychology and public administration.
  • Develops every student’s creativity and capacity to interpret.
  • Provide both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • The curriculum is updated from time to time.
  • Providing a Distance Education admission for BA irrespective of the age group and the demographic distance of the students
  • Providing an environment that will help our students to work towards the change in the society




  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 or any equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% aggregate and a little lesser for SC / ST from a recognized board or a university.
  • Candidates appearing for in 10+2 are also eligible to apply.

Academics and Faculty for BA Correspondence

. Candidates who don’t even have completed their 10th/SSLC and 12th/PUC can also join the program, but their age must be 18 years at the time of joining the course,

  • Institute provides more and better opportunities for interaction and networking opportunities. The syllabus is provided by the various government bodies, and thus it gives different opportunities to learn and grow. The entire curriculum includes a lot of video clips for better understanding and learning. Since teaching is at a distant, we ensure we provide complete support – online and offline.
  • Focus continues to remain on overall development of students.
  • By examinations conducted the scores will be evaluated and in detail personal assessment is given to all the students based on their performance.


On completion of BA from Distance education, students get the eligibility to place in the top most companies with different work opportunities and not restricted to a particular job role. Students also become eligible to become a teacher and extend their service in the areas of teaching and understanding.


BA in psychology Correspondence course means a detailed study of human nature, mind, and behavior.

Psychology, in simple terms, is the study of human mind and human behavior. A student of psychology has to understand how a human mind works in different situations, how it develops perception, what the various circumstances are and how they affect the development of human behavior.

BA in English Correspondence course – students who wish to do some specialized course in English language and get a lot of exposure in understanding the art of novel, drama, poetry and nonfictional prose.

BA in Economics Correspondence course – this course id offered online and helps in developing the understanding of markets, trade, business, and management. It helps in understanding the financial analytics as per the market trends. It involves mathematics and social sciences in fields such as sociology and

Options, scope, and opportunities are immense – it is the individual responsibility to understand and realize the career goals of individuals. Educational consultants play a huge role in analyzing and decision making to make the right and best choice for higher education through distance learning.

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